• for an hour, the alien did not increase the fields of rubble on the planet

    I attacked him 12 times and it did not lead to an increase in rubble

    Yea, I think you didn't understand how it works. Click some planets around the aliens (in pretty big range). There are bilions of resources only after half of a day!

  • now I looked at the fields of rubble, I didn’t see anywhere near the 5 star alien

    LOL open your eyes:

    Look at system 001:121. Almost every planet there have more then 100 m rubbles. Also:


    omg, almost every planet I click around aliens got huge amounts of rubbles. Sorry for that but if you can't see it you must be blind. And this aliens must be 5 star !!!

  • I looked only at the resources on the alien itself, so you need to look at the whole system !!!

    Omg, You didn't understand a update. This is what it says:

    "5* Aliens will spawn up to 20 rubblefields in the area every hour. The size of the rubblefields depends on the number of attacks on the alien (the more

    attacks, the larger the fields)"

    RUBBLE FIELDS !!! :D Update said nothing about resources at aliens planets. It says that aliens from now spawn rubble fields AROUND their planets. Look at planets around 5 star aliens, there are bilions of resources :D

  • I hit the aliens and others can collect fields of rubble?

    You don't have to hit them at all. They spawn rubbles even if you won't attack them. But if you (or anybody else) will attack them, then they will spawn even more rubbles.

    Only thing I'm concerned about is that right now players can stop killing aliens (cause killing them is not much profit). Instead they will make 'ride planet' next to aliens just to gather rubbles for couple weeks :D

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    a player with a speedup will not go for these little amount of resources; its on you, getting more and more of these fields or destroy aliens, which are near other (opponent) players.

    i know that this question is hard, but if you think, that rubblefields are to "big" you should maybe also tell us this.

    im calculating the amount by the increasement of aliens and the possibilities (max values) of these rubblefields.

    for me, a 100x speedup is right eval to what these fields could give you - the idea was to get this kind of way, when losing targets from the new attack range rules.

  • Yea I think dark angel soon will have more opponents to fight with. New players just need some time to grow up. But they also can benefit from this rubble fields now, so if you think about speed-up + rubble fields then it's really a lot of points now that small players can get. We just have to wait and they will rise.

  • This is a now an alien invasion, 50+ wormholes in the universe. With so many aliens coming and the debris fields, it's harder to see where an alien arrives and where one disappears.

    Before you could use a kryptonite debris field as an identifier if the alien was leaving or coming.

    I don't know what others think about this but I would like the visual distinction to be clearer.

  • Short question - I can't recycle the rubble field of aliens with lower than 5 stars (based on my AZ level/ranking) - is this correct? 5 stars aliens only?

    no matter , if the rubble field "created" by others attacks? - because I can't attack aliens lower than 5 stars either...thats ok..

    just to clarify.... maybe I haven't read the description correct.

    If so - please ignore my thoughts.... ;)

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