some time has passed, what changes have occurred in the game

    1. players continue to turn yellow or lose their fleet, but now it's not 2kk-15kk, but already over 300kk

    Although this is not what we expected, but all the same, we will write it down as a plus. players spend more time in the game before leaving the game

    2. the futility of building mines, there are a lot of resources around, that even a 100x acceleration will not give as many resources as simply collecting rubble fields.

    Not building buildings is a minus, here the game team and the players need to come up with something

    of course that's not all, there is fatigue from just collecting fields of rubble, it interferes with attack zones to attack a lot, but the events in the game help very well, thank you for this

    Merry Christmas to the game team and players!!!

    I wish you all creative success, health, I wish you all a peaceful sky!!!!

    We are waiting for new ideas in games! a lot has been done to improve the game this year!!

    Thank you

    I see that even on protection from attacks from big players and huge resources in the form of rubble fields and 100x speed, many players with 100 millions of points turn yellow

    at the same time, they did not lose the fleet, but lost interest

    are you leaving the game? :(

    You really wanted to beat me :P

    new changes are of course good, but I will repeat again that 25% is a bit much, 10% is the most

    and a lot of rubble fields and they are big, a lot of aliens that generate rubble fields

    now it is not necessary to attack each other, the main thing is to collect fields of rubble

    I join in the congratulations :thumbup:

    we all understand how such changes will affect the game)))

    we want the players not to send their large fleet for 3 weeks on a rescue flight and at the same time only collect rubble fields without risking anything, it is impossible to catch such

    very large fields of rubble

    now you don’t even have to look for them, all galaxies are covered with them

    this can only be done for events for a short time

    somehow it became boring to collect these fields of rubble all day long and for what? Rescue flight restriction was never set

    wolf you have been playing for many years and in 2 weeks you were overtaken by the fleet))))

    where's the justice?