The merge of Venturia into The Crusades in 2021

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    • The merge of Venturia into The Crusades in 2021

      In 2021, w2 Venturia will be merged with w1 The Crusades.
      According to earlier information, players who play in both worlds may choose which of the kingdoms (W1 or W2) as a whole will remain and which will be added as a part to it. That would mean that players who opt for w2 as the main group, may place a large number of castles in w1. And thus completely change the existing situation.
      Could it be possible that in 2021 all players will have the opportunity to (re) place their castles on the map? Some players in w1 are already scattered throughout the map by now. Other players are so close together, that there is hardly any room in the area to ad castles from w2.
      By offering all players the opportunity to (re) place their castles on the map of W1, the old situation of w1 will disappear and a kind of new world is created. I think this is fairer for all players.
    • Only to inform you: team read this, and we think about it. At this moment a move for any castle could be possible, but only in an truce time frame - not in a regular "play" .

      @german players:
      Das ist ein englischer Thread - ich habe keine Ahnung warum ihr hier in deutsch anfangt zu schreiben. Finde ich wirklich nicht gut - nächstes mal lösche ich die Beiträge kommentarlos!
    • Dschibait wrote:

      Only to inform you: team read this, and we think about it. At this moment a move for any castle could be possible, but only in an truce time frame - not in a regular "play" .

      @german players:
      Das ist ein englischer Thread - ich habe keine Ahnung warum ihr hier in deutsch anfangt zu schreiben. Finde ich wirklich nicht gut - nächstes mal lösche ich die Beiträge kommentarlos!
      You exaggerate, maybe there are players who are not so good at English.

      However, the kind of moderation reminds me of the "good old days". BB was also somewhat narrow-minded in such matters.
    • Dschibait wrote:

      Only to inform you: team read this, and we think about it. At this moment a move for any castle could be possible, but only in an truce time frame - not in a regular "play" .
      If this is finally accessed, all castles should be able to move, and not only those that come from server 2, if not those that come from server 2 are being given a very large advantage. Or rather... a greater advantage from which they are already being given.
    • What a great and so new idea :) BB has tried several times and to no avail to put the worlds together. You are further on one point most active players have long since lost confidence in you and have given up.

      So there should hardly be any resistance, so it could work out whether this will save the game ... may be doubted.

      Somehow you haven't learned anything at all in recent years and still stick to the wrong solutions.

      Well I hope it is a miracle and you convince me otherwise, I would be happy. Because Damoria is actually a good game.
    • Dear mystik.
      I don't know who you mean by BB. Is the Big point (BP) the previous owner of the game? From your contributions here in the forum I can see that you are an old player ,who has just started playing again. Welcome back!
      But you did miss a few things. Nowadays, the owner and players try together to ensure that Damoria continues to exist: they both have the same goal. There are always players who do not like new changes. You can express this in the normal way here in the forum. Preferably with concrete examples of what you don't like and a proposal of how you would like it.
      Only expressing negative comments creates a bad atmosphere in the forum and does not contribute to the gaming pleasure.
    • Dear Halberd,

      A lot of old players who play this game for years have already made clear that what is happening in World 2 is unfair.
      Trying to make both worlds 'equal' is never going to work and certainly not the way it is done now.
      Players who invested HUGE amounts of money on world 2 (which was NOT possible on world 1 before) receive an enormous advantage over players in world 1.
      While the worlds will be 'equally' old when they merge, the players from world 1 will be punished.

      1) The few players who spend huge amounts of money in the beginning of world 2 only really benefit from the extra's the world has been assigned (x2 troops, resources, ...)
      2) There is no real competition in this world, so these players can just continu to abuse their benefits
      3) There wasn't the same amount of knowledge/understanding when world 1 started. This means that although the worlds might be equally old, the players on world 2 had an advantage over world 1.

      As I have already said before the 'extra benefits' of world 2 should be limited until a certain point.
      The biggest (strongest in militairy strength) players in world 2 are already entering the top 20 of world 1. Now the benefits from world 2 will go on for another year, what will we end up with then?
      The few lucky players from world 2 become the new biggest players?

      All in all, a limitation to these benefits at a certain amount of militairy strength (for example at the average of the top 50 in world 1) seems more fair than what is happening now...
    • I just want to point out that some of the players of world 1 have also been lucky when all the worlds have merged into 1 world a 5 years ago.
      * a number of players had large accounts on multiple worlds and could take all castles!
      * Under the previous owner there was a time when using bugs or having multies was not punished. A number of players have grown because of this. And they could take all profits their cheating to the new world.
      * A number of players played in a world that was almost completely "extinct". They have been able to take over the castles of players who have stopped playing the game in that world. And this without any competition.
      * In GE2 where I played, castles and accounts were openly sold. Players who had the money for it could grow in no time.

      A player of the old worlds who claims that he / she has grown on his own strength / skills and without luck and without even a little bit of cheating, should investigate his own morality or memory.
      All players could have started( and still can start) a new account in w2 and take some nice castles to w1.
      The military rank is still new. Players are protected from stronger players. In addition, there is the possibility of surrender.
      Then why is there fear of new big players in w1 ? I think that the arrival of full-fledged players will make world 1 more interesting.
      And no. I do not have an account in w2 from the beginning and i will not be one of the bigger players coming to w1.
    • Hy Halberd,

      sry was my mistake, of course I meant BP and yes you are right I have played Damoria for many years and I love it very much, unfortunately the game doesn't seem to work anymore.

      Of course it would be great if that were changed again, I never thought it would be a good idea to merge the worlds. Unfortunately, at least Welt2 has now died so that this would probably be the last change.

      However, you have to pay attention to balanced conditions. What shouldn't be easy, the disadvantage of a game without end is and remains that new ones become victims very quickly I hope you take a look at old suggestions, e.g. Attack harbinger Overpowering player.

      Now I'm going to watch this and wait for the first time, I'll play both worlds.

      As far as the forum is concerned, I was never in agreement with the mods: D the "very old" forum was a communication place, e.g. with declarations of war and agreements between alliances ...
      Today, the Forum Dead is, for me, an important part of what was once Damoria's charm.

    • Hi mystik,
      There is still a part of the forum that is meant for communication between players / alliances: Damoria - our Worlds. It is up to the players to use this or not. There are other ways of communication: ingame chat and outside the game; skype and the forums of the alliances. But the players who want to use this forum for mutual communication are welcome.
      That world 2 will merge with world 1 does not mean that another world 2 will not be created in the future. The current world 2 had a bad start and did not run well. We have learned from that. There may be a need for another world again in the future.

      Hi vanmorris,
      Thank you. This is the way to express your concerns about announced changes.
    • OK for the future a suggestion if you want a more active forum a message box in the game would be useful to indicate there is a new post.

      All messages no matter whether within the alliance (not PN) or in the forum are not to be seen in the game and since people are lazy, no one looks.

      All in all, I am glad that you are more concerned about how it was under BP. Dschibait should actually know what I mean he has been around long enough.
      As I said, I will stay for a while and try to find old friends and old game "enemies". All in all, I'm going to put your effort into the redesign, e.g. the graphics (I personally always found the old one nicer), an attack regulation that protects new and small players from big ones (the question is also whether there should be troops in millions in a middle age game).

      There were old suggestions under BP more than enough, unfortunately nothing was done at the time, I hope for you now, then Damoria can become my number 1 game again.