They flowers are back!

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    • They flowers are back!

      Hello Space Pilots!

      After some sunny days in space, the flowers are now sprouting on your planet. The right time to start a flower gathering event - right?

      Starting Friday, April 26th to Sunday, May 19th, the flower event will be celebrated:
      • Collect flowers by
        • recycle flower planets (max. 5 flowers per flight)
        • your daily log in
        • using the flower-o-mat to look for flowers
        • through the flower lottery
        • you build certain ships or defense units
        • you play at the Interdimensional Transmitter
        • by collecting easter eggs
      • Swap flowers in
        • Int. Transmitter Free Games
        • Multi-productions
        • Building and Research Accelerator
        • Inactive Farmer
        • 20% acceleration of your recycling, colonization, transport, inactive attack and event flights
      • continue to receive 3fold the yield from the Interdimensional Transmitter
      You will receive 1 Flower (max. 2,000 per day) for each Easter Egg you collected.
      You can spend flowers up to and including May 26th.

      A comment on the Fleeter part
      We got a lot of feedback that our events have become very miner-heavy. In a strategy game like SpaceInvasion, of course, Miner and Fleeter adapt to the events, strategies or changes. The rubblefield Event used to be a strong fleet event, but now both sides are optimized to hunt the rubblefields
      We want to actively support our Fleet with the new ability to get flowers by Fleet Construction and the feature "Inactive Farmer" combined with "20% Fleet Acceleration".

      The following changes have been made:
      • The multi-production stock has been modified so that you can only use multi-productions if the corresponding (normal or event) production does not exceed 60 days. We plan to reduce this to 30 days after the summer months
      • In the Sirius Universe, the speed-up system was activated to give more players the opportunity to swap them directly into the game with a quick start. Researches are not affected from the speed-up factors.
      • For the Sirius we defined a min. Flight time of 3 minutes
      • Options have been added in the SI Classic that all messages in a mailbox can be marked as read or deleted

      We wish you a lot of fun in space!

      best regards
      Your SpaceInvasion Team
    • Here we would like to give you some more information about the task system "Build ships and defense":

      Is it a random selection which ships or defense units I have to build?
      Yes - 2 ship and 1 defense types are always selected.

      Are only ships / defense required in the tasks that I can build (by my techtree)?
      No - randomly selected from all defense units (except Shield domes) and transmitters or warships, even if you can not build them yet.

      What’s depend on the number of ships / defense I have to build?
      The number depends on the cost of the unit. At the same time the number increases with your total points. Players with few points have to build very few units, players with many points have to build a lot more. This increasement has no limit!

      What’s about the amount of flowers for these tasks?
      There are 4 different flower rewards. 250, 800, 1500 and 5000 flowers.
      As higher the number of flowers, so more units you will have to build.

      Do I have to build all ships / defense units?
      No - you have to do at least one of the 3 tasks that you can finish the quest. But you will only receive the flowers for the finished task.

      How often do I receive tasks? Will the tasks be resetet?
      As soon as you have received your tasks, you could get the next ones, 3 hours later.
      This means you can take 3 hours to complete the tasks. If you finish the quests before this 3 hours duration, you have to wait until you get the next quest setup.

      If you don’t want to or can’t do the task, it will be deleted after 12 hours and you can get a new one. This only applies to tasks that have not yet started from you. This means, for example, if you had build a transmitter of the task, it must also be completed by you!