• hello, my request from you is that when the gray castles are conquered, they are protected directly according to the military power of that player.

    unfortunately there are very few gray castles in the game and the gray castles I congured are taken away from me by TVT's big players. It is impossible for me to fight a player that is 2 or 4 times stronger than me.My purpose is not to criticize TVT actors. If big players attack in this other alliance, we can't defend again.This applies to all players, not just me. Big players take it from me before I can defend the castle I conquered once in 3 months. It makes the game unappealing. please reconsider the defense of the gray castles


  • Currently, there are 157 castles, but with the new rules, I can use 130 of them actively. It doesn't make sense to build a new castle. Again, I repeat, when we take the gray castles, we must fight with equal forces. It's not fun to let a player 4x stronger than me attack me. mine is just a suggestion for your opinion.

  • Sorry, but our (TVT) players have the same problem with gray castles. It's not a problem of small players against big players. You can not start defending a gray castle until you have conquered it. Usually there are still attacks. There are N-V accounts that attack every contested castle of a TVT player. Often the castle has no more free building spaces to build a wall, too low research for support, or your support is not in the castle in time for the attacks.

    So it has nothing to do with your beloved lamentation; "you are a small player and have no chance against the stronger opponent".

    It is precisely the battle for a gray castle that makes the game interesting. If you don't want to take on that battle, you have the choice not to conquer or to immediately tear down the castle with gold after you take it.

  • I think you are thinking one-sided and incomplete. this rule prevents players who are militarily small from gaining a joy in the game by taking any advanced gray castles. especially when there are big cruel players ready to attack that castle.

    Believe me, I'm not writing this for myself. The number of active players in the game is already decreasing. I'm also a big player for many new players. Shall I steal their labor and reduce their enjoyment of the game? I think that this rule is more harmful than contributing to the game in its current form. I've said the same for gray castles before when new rules are created. This rule seems to give the big players an advantage.

    these are my opinion worthy or not. That's what the forum is for. I wrote my opinion. Good game

  • I am not advocating avoiding war. After all, this is a war game. I'm in favor of equal forces fighting. therefore I would like to consider changing the defense rules of gray castles.Once a player has conquered the gray castle, only players equal to him should be able to attack that castle. then defending or destroying the castle via gold would be an option.

  • What you ask will also work the other way. The smaller players of N-V who now attack all our contested castles will no longer be able to do this. Do you also want to take away the pleasure they have in this game? ;)

  • First of all, it's not about TVT or NG. I'm not an NG player either. You misunderstood the point, I'm only talking about gray castles. I have forwarded the issue to the admins. As always, you have evaluated your views for your own benefit. am i surprised? no, even when I thought about writing this topic, I guessed that you would write these lines. But it doesn't matter, the administrators will make the decision if you are not an administrator.

    I love you. good game ::))

  • That other account on your ip address (in N-V) thinks it's fun to attack the gray castles conquered by other players.

    You request a game change in a discussion thread in the forum. Then you shouldn't be surprised that other players give their opinion.

    It is true that smaller players have less chance of capturing large castles. But this is not due to the bigger players.

    The smaller players have less developed castles, so their troops are slower.

    They have fewer troops, so they lose more troops if the gray castle is well defended. Which makes it better not to attack a number of gray castles.

    An thats why alliance members can help eachother conquer and hold a gray castle.

    And then there's the unwritten code of honor that says you stop attacks on a gray castle if another player has captured it. But of course this does not apply when the players' alliances are fighting.

    Changing alliances does not stop a war that has begun. All players who have been members of NATO are a possible target by TVT until otherwise agreed upon. So yes, this topic has to do with alliances.

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    Like i say, small players has to build up before facing bigger players. Thats in all games the fact; if you try to ask for a solution that small players can compete against big players, this will not work - in any game scenario - this makes no sense.

    If you like to give small players more opptertunities to hold these kind of castles, this will end up in a million reports of multies, they "steal" my castles.

    so, maybe you should explain what you have in mind, that we can show you the weakpoints or we can discuss about a posible soltuion but telling "us" that small players can't hold castles against big players makes no sense.