• There was an idea the attempt was made and unfortunately failed.
    The big players get even bigger. The first top 15 fleeters have more than 1KKK in fleet now.
    Top fleeter #1 can't be attacked because Angel has almost twice as much fleet as #2.

    And the fact that more players are now turning yellow and no longer feel like playing is unfortunately shown by the result.

    The beginning of the idea was very good, but then after a while it became too much.

    You should do something else, the only question is what.

    The AZ system is wrong by my standards. Sorry Ji. Even if you are in the same AZ, you still have to convert. -25/+400 is ok, but should be structured differently.

    I don't know what university it is. Sirius or Nexus or whether it is still counted that way there.

    I remember in the old Genesis 1 or 2, sorry I'm getting older, did you have the areas with the dots.

    There you could see directly where you stood in the ranking list. You could attack him and you couldn't attack him. Likewise vice versa.

    But now, if you look, AZ 19 player, you can't attack every AZ 20 player, because the +/- regulation applies and you have to calculate where you can and where you can't.


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    i reduced the rubbles again; finally, we have to do some changes, no one says that these results are the best way and we don't have to change anymore something, or that these changes are the final boss-like

    we need feedback from you; if there is no one giving feedback because they all collect rubbles, but there is someone better in collecting rubbles, but anyone is happy with the result what the player achieve, we have finally a big problem

    reducing rubbles maybe ends up in that the specific player who report this, or request this, will have less resources, but players (like dark angle, also have less resources and don't get these amounts anymore.

    so i hoped, that anyone here can different between "whats are my benefits" and "whats are benefits for others" and finally, decide if this is ok, or if dark angle is going crazy. For me, Dark Angle reads here, is active here, and KNOW EXACTLY what we like to achieve - to hold smaller players - and don't give here double of points, for me, this kind of discussion in forum ends up in a not rly cool situation.

    Sorry to say that so hard, but for me, this is just a discussion thread about "what is the best way that i get some points" for some players ( not all)...

    Now, just to inform you, i will start talking with the team about change the rubbles of aliens completly back to a state, that 5* aliens will spawn not so much rubble anymore, and smaller aliens will spawn much more; getting these points for DA means, that she can't attack finally someone, but, anyone in the universe gets the speedup to catch her up.

    So the whole game is still balancing back by this speedup; but finally, please read the thread, you can't blame me that with my changes dark angle is now getting no targets, i go for something what dark angle still has some activity, and now, tellming me that this activity isn't cool because dark angle still grows. Thats viseversa and makes no sense; if you don't like to accept that changes for dark angle also completly hurts her, then don't be suprised that she can make points with any solution to not hurt her.

  • Dschi

    In my opinion, the SI2 is really on the verge of extinction. Please don't misunderstand.

    But let's see how it is now. No single player can attack the Quenn alone. The occasional aliens attacking the players and destroying the fleet is becoming increasingly rare.

    OK, it's not an option that the aliens then fly at a player in order to destroy the fleet; and then rebuild the fleet.But one thing you have to admit is that it's a bit complicated to calculate which players I'm allowed to attack.

    The fact that you are now trying to make the change with the TF's is again a first step. If the team does it like this.

    Could one possibly come back to it, the smaller players.

    100x speed for the beginning is great.

    Point zones instead of AZ. As already written, you don't need to calculate whether, can I attack the player?.

    Maybe there would be an option for Astros to be integrated into the university. This could then also be carried out an alliance attack. Of course under the points zones.

    There might be another option. To separate fleet strength and defense strength. So perhaps providing an opportunity for a limited fleet strength when attacking a planet that takes into account the difference between fleet strength and defense strength.

    Where then the limitation of the fleet strength in the attack differentiates between fleet and defense.


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    the thing is what anyone has to undersatnd; you also can't attack dark angle (the queen) before the update. Its also not the goal to change THIS kind of situation, i like to change, to protect the small players. thats a big different.

    You have the range by clicking on the range part onto your users-panel top/left

    But, i can also add a range in the ranking, that you can see, which players are attackable by you. But this is already done directly on the galaxy map with colors.

  • Good Morning all.

    First of all, Happy New Year! To take up the discussion again - as can also be seen from this thread, of course you can't please everyone. I think that the first steps (AZ and rubble fields) have pushed the field together a bit and since November the smaller players have been protected a little better. It was certainly intended that way and an attempt to implement it that way. So far so good.

    Of course, this means that the active players also use this - so the top of the players has become a bit broader. From my point of view, that's not bad either - but it hasn't changed the fact that the top 3 (myself included) can still not be attacked, not even among themselves.

    Furthermore - also from my point of view, you are welcome to correct me - some players disappeared from the game because they found it extremely unfair that a player (because he was very active) achieved what he was for within 6 weeks others took several years. That's what I meant, you can never please everyone.

    It would be interesting at this point - Djibat, we've talked about it before, have there been more new players in comparison? Or should we wait another 2, 3 weeks so that the Christmas event has no more influence? Are there reliable numbers?

    In terms of activity, little has changed for the majority of (few) active players. From my point of view (something has happened in the HoF, and not only by the Big Fleeters) the next steps should be the following (I had already suggested this a few times and I like to repeat myself - I don't know the programming effort and can therefore not assess whether it makes sense) in order to get the top fleeter out of their comfort zone, it is necessary to be able to attack them directly (with the chance of destroying them).

    And that's only possible together - with the possibility of alliance attacks (the players don't necessarily have to be in an alliance, just for this attack). And from this the possibility of stationing fleets together. If not with Astros (these would of course also offer an advantage for the big Fleeters!) then maybe you could use some kind of planet shift - any attacker who wants to join such an attack "sacrifices" one of their planets and it becomes on a common one Planet stationed from which the Att can be launched. after completion (regardless of whether it is successful or not), a planet can be colonized again from there by everyone.

    Appropriate slots provided. It has to be a little bit of work.

    Other than the possibility of destroying a big player together, I don't see any real change factor. Otherwise, as already described, only the integration of the accounts into another universe or a complete restart remains.

    if my thoughts are completely wrong, not so bad - you just have to be able to talk about it, then we will find solutions together. :saint: