• Hi everybody! Wanted to ask about this topic to the devs:


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    Players who have at least 50% of the average (TOP10 players) points- or military score ranking as of December 31, 2022 will receive 1 Mage Castle Upgrade. Maximum 1 castle upgrade per player. The castle upgrade is booked on world 1 account. "

    There is a problem with this because i calculated the average points and military score of the 10 top players , and 50% of this score is being in top 10 or at the 7-8 th place. There is too much difference of top players with the rest. This means that if you are not in top 10 you get nothing... For my opinion this scores must be recalculated because this way it has no sense of going on there in venturia.

    Thank you and have a nice day

  • Still with the news update the top 10 are really far away!!!! Doing calculations of top 30, just the top 10 are getting the mage castles! At the moment i am speaking you should have at leat 160.000 military points to get awarded and at nr 11 of classification has 152k points

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    like you see, we think about a solution; but, its a chellange, you shouldn't get this castle gifted, so thats why we give you just a 2nd chance with different conditions to win something - i hope this is a middle-way, that, you can get bonuses at specific rank or points.