• Hello Spacepilots, Damorians

    and Masters of Mebula!

    The soccer World Cup is about to start.

    The BITMEUP game teams and the owners have spoken out against an event. The past and also our sponsoring for the German AIDS Aid, the support of Hamburg's Christopher Street Day, but also because of our conviction we cannot agree to support this football event.

    We don't want to take anyone away from the fun of sport.

    That's why we have activated a football betting game on the BITMEUP portal page. Get points:

    • for an exact tip: 4 points
    • for a correct ratio: 2 points
    • for a correct winner: 1 point

    All points are added together and recorded in our new betting game ranking.


    We would like to ask you all not to have discussions of a political nature regarding the World Cup in Qatar here in our forums. The topic can be seen from different perspectives, but BITMEUP only represents this one, which we have explained to you above.

    Thank you and a lot of fun!


    Your BITMEUP-Game Teams