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    Hello Damorians!

    After this last break, we want to finally enjoy the Easter season with you.

    We have planned some events for you - we wish you a lot of fun!

    Easter Event:

    From April 15th to May 8th you can collect Easter eggs again.

    Earn Easter Eggs by:

    • Bandit Camp Attacks (min. 100,000 units)
    • the hen house
    • by searching the pages of Damoria
    • mage spells

    This is a main event, which means that the treasury expansion will be reset and you will have to earn/purchase it again.

    Please note: we will reset all hen houses after the event.

    The Easter Summon

    From Friday up to and including Easter Monday (4 days) you can collect mage energy and unlock great bonuses. You gain 5 Mage Energy when you do a Gold Summon and 1 Energy when you do a Free Summon.

    You can also get Energy from Bandit Camp Attacks and, this weekend, from mages, which you can find on the Damoria pages!

    The Easter Crusade

    From Friday 8 p.m. to Tuesday 8 p.m. you can take part in our Easter crusade.

    Gain 25 attacks every day (100 total). For Medium and Large residences, you get extra mage free spells! Use them to get even more bonuses from the Easter Summon!

    That's not the end!

    We've had feedback from recent events that the bandit attacks for a reward were always set very high by the team. It is difficult to find a “challenge” but at the same time an “appropriate” level.

    That's why you can earn tiered bonuses this time!

    You can obtain a sanctuary upgarde for 1000/2000/3000 and 4000 attacks. If you manage 5000 attacks, you get 5 resource stars!

    And, there's still one more thing!

    The new Guard season will start on Friday at midnight.

    Active Guard players know that there have been problems in the market. Here we don't mean bugs, here we mean players who give away specific items or who want to add coins to their main account.

    As a team, we thought about a possible solution for a long time. Some players from the community have also participated in the process of finding a solution.

    Ultimately, however, we came to the decision that we didn't want to restrict the market. We want to give everyone the opportunity to put in items with very good stats at any price.

    Our solution for this system looks like this:

    Please report players here in the forum (public) in the "Trade Center" section


    The team will take a look at your posts and evaluate whether an item is worth it or not. Nevertheless, we ask you to only report very conspicuous bids.

    We would like to point out that pushing in a "mini-game" (guard) is also counted as a pushing and leads to an account ban and exclusion from the guard feature.

    To report suspicious bids or auctions, please see here:

    We wish you a lot of fun at the Easter search event and a few chocolate-rich Easter days!


    Your Damoria team

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    Hello Damorians!

    unfortunately there was a bug which meant that you didn't receive an upgrade to a sancutary.

    We have just booked these upgrades now.

    In addition, we booked 10 Mage free Spells for each player.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.


    Your Damoria team