• Official Post

    Hello Damorians,

    Unfortunately, some players use the auction house in the "your guard" feature to push a second account or to move thalers.

    We ask you to actively report these unfair bids or auctions.

    You can now get an overview of the auction by clicking on the left information container:

    An information box will then open in which all important information about this auction is listed.

    Please copy this information and create a new thread here in the trading hub.

    Briefly add to your post whether it is about the general auction or the bid.

    The team will look at each thread and decide whether the bid or auction is reasonable or whether there is a possible violation of the pushing rules.

    Nevertheless, we ask you to only report conspicuous bids or auctions. We don't have the ability to check hundreds of auctions for accuracy.

    If your bid / auction is reported in this forum area, you can of course comment on it. Please stick to the forum rules and settle the matter calmly and with mutual respect!


    Your Damoria team