• Petition

    A new session of the Guards appears to be being prepared. As you know, 10 castles are needed to participate. To create the guards, after that the castles can be demolished and the guards become knights-errant, vagabonds...

    I hereby ask all brave Guards trainers to put chivalry above all and allow the fastest, bravest, most awarded of all of us to participate in the session. If he wants to, of course.

    (After all, he doesn't even participate in the auctions, he doesn't sell anything, or anything that's worth something.)

    Let's keep the competence, the know-how, the focus. And why not, silly idea, let all people - friends or foes, they are our colleagues, our community - have fun, which, it is said, is the reason to play....

    Or... at least, let's not waste all the training and development of hi-tech mouses (maybe cyborg compliant...) and training not to sleep for months...

    And beer for all participants - kind gift from the champion as is the good tradition of gentle champions. No, no!! It's not one more. It's just that it hasn't been distributed yet - I at least... not drinking, not seeing,... nothing!!!

    (© 2012 - Once upon a time...)

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    Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.