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  • Hello @Szabika or Anfisza (seems like you like name calling)

    first, and if i see that again you will get a lock here in forum.
    Dont write any real names here, we can call us all with our nicknames. I know my name, anyone knows my name, you dont need to write that here - we are no friends - same for other players.

    to your question.
    i think you read that annoucement. We have implemented these functions to detect players.
    It happend that 5 from NATO and 1 other player are detected (with 100% correct logs which are also standing for a lawyer)

    I write it in the post and also in some posts here in that forum - i dont want to "destroy" NATO - its so that i have many logs and when i find 5 NATO players, what you think should i do?
    "hey i cant ban them, i have a problem already with them on board, that looks like i want to destroy them" - NO!
    I take the consequences from this rule breaking users and ban them.

    I could explain you that i just wrote with 3 of them here on board and the other 2 are not having any conversation with me - but why i should explain you something?
    Right now, you think that i want to destroy NATO and don't let me just ban bot users.

    I didn't see how we can come to an end with this discussion.
    Ask your "friends", i know that some of the NATO players (and i also got thanks from NATO players here on forum!) already do that - ask your friends if they use bots or not.
    You will see if they are loyal and sincere to you.

    there is nothing more to say.