• Official Post

    Version: February 2019

    § 1 Multiple Accounts
    Only one account per person per universe is allowed! So called multi-accounts are forbidden. The sharing of an account is not allowed.

    § 2 IP-Match-Entries
    When more than one player plays Space Invasion using the same IP address, they must record the IP match. For more information, please consult the game operators.

    Abusing the IP-match function or holding more than one account in the same universe will be punished with a permanent ban.

    § 3 Sitting (Monitoring/supervising someone elses account)
    The monitoring of someone elses game account is permitted.

    • Sitting is possible for a period of 24 hours or untill you log-out.
    • An account may only be monitored once every 7 days.
    • The supervise password has to be reset every time.

    A detailed explanation can be found in the Sitting-FAQ.

    Supervising without the use of the appropriate tool will be considered as multiaccounting/accountsharing and leads to a permanent ban of the accounts.

    § 4 Account Transfers
    Account transfers are not allowed untill further notice and will be punished with a permanent ban!

    § 5 Account- Resource Trade
    The buying and selling of resources (raw materials, fleets, in-game services, etc.) or accounts is prohibited and will be punished with a permanent ban untill deletion of the affected accounts.

    Any trade of real currencies against benefits or goods in the game is expressly prohibited.
    This means trading commodities with other players is allowed only within the pushing or trading rules.
    Urplasma Gifts are also considerd real currencies.

    § 6 Pushing
    Pushing (sending raw materials without getting something back) is prohibited. Sending resources is only permitted for players who have no more than 75% of the points of the sending player and if the receiving player is not in the top 100 of the total ranking list.

    Making rubble available and the destruction/loss of ships/defence units on purpose is also considered pushing.
    In the event of an illegal pushing producing an asteroid, the astro will be reduced to 0 fields.

    Pushing can lead to the loss of all involved accounts.

    § 7 Trade
    Trade is the transfer of various types of raw materials between players. A trade must be completed within 24 hours after the arrival of the first shipment of raw materials and ends with the last shipment.
    This time limit will apply for each new trade.
    If in doubt please consult your game operator.

    § 7.1 Trade Ratio
    The current trading ratio is 6 : 2,5 : 3 : 1 [or 12:5:6:2 to simplify the calculation] (Pig Iron: Metal: Kryptonite: Spice). Trades which go through the general trading rates, may differentiate by 20% of the actual rate. Larger deviations must take the pushing rule into account (§ 6 Pushing).

    § 7.2 Swapping/ 1:1 Trade
    A trade with the same types of raw materials, either in a 1:1 ratio or including the deviations, is regarded as swapping and is therefore not permitted.

    § 8 Flights
    Outbound flights may have a maximum duration of 24 hours (according to the fleet menu), with the following exceptions:

    • Flights to own planet / asteroid
    • Colonizations
    • Save flights
    • Trade flights
    • All flights to inactives

    § 8.1 Attacks
    Attacks are only possible within +/- 2 attack zones (AZ). Each planet (including asteroid) can not be attacked more often than 3 times within 24 hours. Further attacks are automatically prevented by the system (bashing protection).
    Inactive players are not protected by the bashing and AZ protection. Particle cannon attacks are also excluded from the bashing protection.

    In some universes (for example Sirius) have instead of attack zones a 25-400% rule. Attacks can not be launched, when the enemy player has less than 25% or more than 400% of the attackers total points.

    Since 2018 there is an attack protection until 10.000 total points (except Genesis²).

    The team is able to disable the alliance attack system for players if it is being used solely for escape-flights or other unwanted strategies.

    It is forbidden to deliberately cancel an active alliance attack in order to carry out another combat strategy (both attacking and defensive).

    § 8.2 Intercepts / Teamwork
    In the case of intercepts or baiting players for others to attack, the resulting debris field can be split 50/50, however the GOs need to be informed before transports are sent.
    Arrangements like this between the players must be provable via the ingame message-system.

    § 8.3 Alliance Attack(AA)
    The rules for normal attacks also applies for an alliance attack. Furthermore the AA has to be launched or cancelled within 36 hours after the planning phase has been initiated.

    AA-participants may not enter vacation mode nor leave the alliance until their fleet has returned. An AA can only be started with at least two participants. Dividing the debris field will be in proportion to the fleets sent. (for example: player A has sent 1 million fleetpoints and player B 2 million fleetpoints, thus Player A will get respectively 33,3% and Player B 66.6% of the debris field). Deviations must comply with the pushing rule (see § 6 Pushing)
    Using the alliance attack option to escape flight will be considered as bugusing.

    § 9 Astroshots
    These are arranged attacks with the purpose of creating an asteroid. They do not have to be requested via GO-Button anymore.

    The attacker must have his losses replaced by the defender, unless it contradicts the pushing rule.

    § 10 Recycling Help
    If a player makes his recyclers available to another player a fixed rate of 20% of the debris field can be charged, a deviation from this may not break the pushing rule (see § 6 Pushing).
    Any recycling assistance must be registered with the game operator, you do not need to await permission. The recycling reports must be sent to the game operators.

    § 11 Wars
    Wars can only be declared by alliances which have at least three members. Each alliance may declare up to 5 wars and can be choosen as target of unlimited amount of other alliances.
    After the declaration of the war, there is a 24-hour advance warning and at the end of this warning the limit of three attacks per planet/asteroid will be lifted.
    A war can not be rejected and only be terminated after a minimum of 14 days.

    § 12 Scripting/Bugusing
    Any automation of the game play is prohibited (scripts, macros, auto refresher, attack warners, etc.).
    New bugs must be reported promptly to a game operator.

    § 13 Claims/Availability
    Players have no claims on the operator of the website regarding the availability of the service or the replacement of lost game progress.

    § 14 Harassment and Spam
    Racist, pornographic, insulting, or otherwise discriminatory content or, for example, threats (for real life) which are sent, published, posted and/or written in private messages on the forum or in the game via accounts or in official TeamSpeak3 are not permitted. The same applies for spamming in any form. Serious violations will be punished with the ultimate banning of the account.

    § 15 Advertising
    The advertising of outside games and products is forbidden.

    § 16 GameOperators
    The game operators (GO) duties are to monitor the game, to enforce the rules and tests problems, if possible.
    Game operators are recognizable by the pink colour in the galaxy map. A game operator or any other team member will never ask for your password.
    FAQ-account security

    § 17.1 Contact
    To contact someone of the team, each player has the "Game Operator button" (bottom right of the screen) available. Questions should be sent with an appropriate title, should be clearly formulated to explain your problem and include all necessary information (username, user ID).
    You can also reach your team via TeamSpeak3 or the forum.
    For more information. How do I contact the team?
    TeamSpeak-Server: ts3.bitmeup.com

    Only tickets in English or German will we answered!

    § 17.2 Reporting
    Whoever becomes the victim of a violation under rule § 14 (insult etc.) should report the message through the "Report" button. A separate message to the GO is not necessary, and no feedback needs to be provided by the GO.

    § 17.3 Misuse of GO-Button
    The abuse of the "Game Operator" and "Report" button can be considered as spam and will be dealt with accordingly.

    § 18 Team Members
    In every cas, violation of the rules can result in exclusion from the game or other penalties (for example temporary banning, etc.). It is the GOs duty to justify his/her decision. In case of doubt the player can appeal the punishment by going to the next higher authority (S-GO/GA/support). The team member will act to the best of his/her knowledge and belief. A guarantee of the TeamSpeak3 is not possible, since this is done voluntarily by all team members.
    For more information: Who is our team?!

    § 19 Forum and TeamSpeak3
    The forum and TeamSpeak3 are not lawless areas. The terms of Bitmeup, the game and the forumrules apply there. If a forum-/TeamSpeak3 user continually violates the rules, this may lead in addition with a forum/TeamSpeak3 ban to a game account ban.

    § 20 Overloading systems of other player
    It is prohibited, in consultation with other players or alone, to interfere with other players' systems.
    These actions can be:

    • sending too many attacks, spies, or other actions to a single player. If we see more than 25 actions at the same time being sent by a group of players, or alone, we reserve the right to take action against this.

    • Note: you do not run the risk of spying on someone unless you use too many slots. If you show up with 1 spy probe in this mass construct, we do not assume you're involved. However, if you send several espionage actions at a time such an action is done, it may happen that the team looks at you as involved!

    § 21 Planet moves must not be used for offensive actions
    For example, after use of a planet move, you don’t should station, teleport, or otherwise move your fleets from this planet for the indicated locked time for the purpose of the attack.
    When in doubt, the GO team will decide if an action is offensive or not.
    Escape flights are of course still allowed.
    As an exception: yellow (inactive) players which are not part to the attack limitation, may be attacked.

    Depending on the universe, these rules could change. In every case the rules for any given universe will be shown when planing to move a planet. These terms have to be accepted by the player before each planet move.

    § 22 It is forbidden to post the following game content or player information in the forum or chats BitMeUp

    • Ingame Messages from players and Game Operators

    • Player fleets or AA fleets

    • Spy reports

    • any kind of coordinates or player assignments

    The exception here are the battle reports to be posted in the battle report areas. These must be at least 3 hours old and no coordinates are allowed to be shown.

    § 23 Terms and Conditions

    The terms and conditions will be supplemented by these rules and are just as valid and to be adhered to.

    §24 Threat (legal)

    In addition to real-life threats, threats to lawyers or the SpaceInvasion team are also prohibited. It is therefore forbidden to threaten the following things on all SpaceInvasion communication platforms (including the forum and Discord!):

    • Threats of punishment from the team. This also includes reference to rules in the regulations! Every player must read and accept the rules. Example: “You deployed the fleet” or “that’s pushing according to the rules!” or “you don’t just have one multi”
    • Threats of criminal consequences or references to the law. Example: “then I’ll talk to my lawyer”, “the report is out” or “according to paragraph 123 it’s not allowed…”
      • Agreements or clarification of questions may of course still contain contents of the rules. Only threats or provocations are meant here.

    Of course, these regulations do not prohibit a player from filing criminal charges against other players. The team just doesn't want to read this as a threat!