• Official Post

    Hello Damorians!

    Our meat party is almost over. We want to start one last thing before it ends!

    Starting tomorrow you will be able to collect energy from our mage. The energy event will be activated up to and including next week Sunday.

    At the same time, already today from 8 p.m. up to and including next Sunday you can collect additional free spells in the big summer crusade!

    In the energy event, each free spell is 1 energy and each activation with gold is about 5 energy.

    We have also rebuilt our shop.

    We are happy that we have now upgraded to the latest version of the payment station of our payment provider "XSolla". Here you now get a better overview, even more ways to get gold and hopefully everything looks “nicer” :)

    We wish you all a lot of fun in the Damoria Crusade!


    Your Damoria team