• Official Post

    Hello Spacepilots, Damorians

    and Masters of Mebula!

    Today we are happy to introduce you to the big language update.

    In addition to great updates, presence on Steam, Twitch and Facebook, an important point for all games is the languages into which it is translated. Of course, every player is happy to play his game in his native language.

    For this purpose we have expanded the BITMEUP portal and all games so that a pool of languages can now be offered. So now you can enjoy bitmeup.com and all the games in the following languages:

    English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese,

    Polish, Ukrainian, Russian, Turkish, Dutch, Swedish,

    Czech, Finnish, Danish, Norwegian, Romanian, Hungarian,

    Bulgarian, Greek, Slovak, Indonesian, Swahili, Hindi,

    Korean, Chinese, Japanese

    We used artificial intelligence to translate the games.

    While the team includes a few languages, we cannot review every translation.

    That's why we offer you an additional area in the forum where you can document translation errors. Depending on the effort, you should of course also be rewarded!


    The update phase will stretch throughout the day today. I will not update all games at the same time so any issues can be fixed directly in the game being upgraded.

    schedule: Bitmeup.com, Damoria, SpaceInvasion 2, SpaceInvasion 1, Mebula

    We wish you all a lot of fun in the games of BITMEUP!


    Your BITMEUP-Game Teams