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    Please note: this FAQ is based on a specific event. Some values may vary with future events!

    We will regularly update the FAQ with questions from the community.

    Outposts and Alien Galaxy FAQ

    What is an outpost?

    You can settle an outpost during the event time via the command center. This flight into the alien galaxy through the wormhole always takes 15 minutes. Then a random planet will be taken by you as an outpost.

    Ships cannot be sent to the outpost. Also, no interactions can be performed from the outpost with the normal planet. The outpost is thus completely cut off from the universe.

    Nevertheless, your research levels on the outpost apply. However, any multi-productions, mentor star bonuses, or other production accelerators will not be active there. With the exception of the VIP bonus, the building upgrades and the specialization bonus.

    You can only launch attacks, recycling, espionage and escape flights from the outpost. Transports or colonizations are not possible.

    A research laboratory cannot be built on an outpost. This means that access to the super computer or the network is also not possible.

    Outposts have different properties. For each event, the team defines certain speeds for production, building construction, ship construction and flight speed.

    You cannot delete the outpost.

    What is the alien galaxy?

    With your outpost in the alien galaxy, you can only carry out attacks inside the alien galaxy. But in addition you will be attacked by aliens. In this war zone, not only normal players are your opponents, but also the aliens with their attack waves.

    An attack wave always has a certain size depending on your ships and defense units on your outpost. If you pose a threat to the aliens, i.e. you have built enough ships, you will be attacked by the aliens regularly. But aliens will only attack active players. So if you go to bed at night, you will receive far fewer attacks. But that doesn't mean that other players won't attack you!

    There are a few different rules in the alien galaxy. Even if there is still active bash protection, the attack zone rules are completely ignored. Anyone can attack anyone!

    Your outpost will not receive an astro in the first step, but be prepared that astros with galaxy scanners will also pose a risk in future events!

    All rubblefields created by alien waves are instantiated rubblefields. This means that these can only be collected by you.

    What is the Battle Pass?

    You can collect 10 Battle Points every day during the event period. These are tasks that must be completed on your outpost.

    In addition, you can complete tasks that can only be completed once during the event period, such as using energy reserves.

    You can get free rewards in the Battle Pass, but you can also get the VIP Pass, which gives you even more rewards.


    Can I relocate an outpost in the alien galaxy?

    No, planet moves are not currently available for the outpost. You will have to play with the position until the end of the event.

    Outposts cannot be deleted.

    How many buildfields does my outpost have?

    The fields of the outpost are determined by the team before the event. But this is no coincidence, each player gets the same number of starting fields.

    However, fields that are bought in the shop are added. You can also find additional fields for the Outpost in the new Battle Pass.

    How does the production behave on the outposts in universes that have an increased speed?

    Outpost production is adjusted based on universe speed. That means if the configuration calls for 100x speed, you have 100x production in a 1x universe like RETRO or Nexus. In a universe that has 2x speed, you would only get 50x production to create the balance for all universes.

    When will aliens attack me?

    If you are active and have at least 10 million Spice invested in ships or defense units. Players in vacation mode and Spectral mode will not be attacked.

    Please note: ongoing attacks are not cancelled

    I don't have enough points to complete the Battle Pass!

    The Battle Pass is planned in such a way that you can complete it with the daily tasks in the event time. You can do this without spending any money. However, if you take part in the event later or have missed a few days, you can activate energy reserves receive additional points that may allow you to unlock even more stages.

    Do I have to buy the Battle Pass in each universe?

    Yes. The Battle Pass is only valid for the event in which it was purchased. If you wish to receive the additional rewards in multiple universes, you must purchase the pass again in each universe.