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    Hello Damorians!

    The easter bunny can't wait to visit you in the castles.

    From March 31st to April 16th (inclusive) you can get lots of Easter bonuses this year!

    The Easter Egg Hunt

    Collect Easter Eggs and trade them for great in-game bonuses!

    Find Easter Eggs by:

    • Bandit Camp Attacks (Min. 100,000 units)
    • Hidden easter eggs on Damoria's side
    • Summons at the Mage
    • the hen house

    This is a main event again, which means that the treasury expansion will be reset and you will have to earn/purchase it again.

    Please note: we will reset all hen house after the event.

    Mage Energy Event (World1 Only)

    You can get energy by activating Mage Summons. Gold activations are 5 energy, Free Spell activations are 1 energy. (From Friday 31st march 0am (CEST) to Monday 10th april 23:59:59 (CEST))

    Get even more Free Spells through the Easter Crusade!

    The Easter Crusade!

    From 6th April 8 pm (CEST) to Tuesday 8 pm (CEST) our big Easter crusade takes place. Gain additional Mage Free Spells for captured residences during this Crusade.

    The Easter Bandits

    Again this year there are great bonuses for bandit attacks. Every attack counts as long as you loot something. Amber now also counts as loot.

    For every 1000, 2000, 3000 and 4000 attacks with loot you get 1 resource star upgrade.

    If you even make 5000 attacks, there is a free upgrade to a gold castle in your storage!

    In addition, during the event period you can:

    • Attack bandits with your alliance to get a resource bonus
    • Activate an Easter gift for gold or red Easter eggs in the shop for your alliance
    • get the opportunity to purchase a mage castle upgrade once in the shop
    • the event mini packages are available for purchase during the Easter period
    • the number of Mage activations on World2 has been increased to 50 freespells and 50 Gold Summons
    • get a 10% discount in the shop (also in the Steam shop)!

    We wish you a great Easter time!


    Your Damoria team

    • Official Post

    Hello Damorians,

    due to an issue at the start of the crusade, there weren't direct mage freespells for conquering residences.

    I fixed this early yesterday, but this fix didn't work without my knowledge (the reason was a problem caused by the last server problems).

    That's why the fix was only actually activated yesterday at around 1 p.m. (CEST)

    We have just rebooked the mage spells for all players for the attacked residences taken by yesterday 1 p.m.

    Sorry for the inconvenience and we wish you a lot of fun and a peaceful Easter!


    Your Damoria Team