• Official Post

    Hello Spacepilots,

    Today you will receive all informations about the new GeNeSIS4, which will start on Friday September 16th at 8pm (CEST).


    Start: September 16, 2022 at 8 p.m. (CEST)

    First End: March 12, 2023 (23:59:59 CEST)

    You can transfer 20% of your account value in Spice to Sirius at this time. A maximum of 30 billion Spice is set as a limit. After the transfer, your account will be deleted in Gen4.

    Transfer End: October 1, 2023 (23:59:59 CEST)

    You can then transfer your account to the RETRO or Nexus universe. Here you can choose whether the entire account should be transferred (and the RETRO/Nexus account should be converted into Spice) or whether you would like to receive the Gen4 account as a Spice value. Both have a limit of 100 billion Spice.

    Until end1:

    Speed: 3x

    Flight speed: 2x

    From End1 to End2:

    Speed: 6x

    Flight speed: 3x

    The Interdimensional Transmitter will be activated on November 25th. Until this date you can only do 5 Spins per day!

    The new alien hunter specialization!

    In GeNeSIS4 you can now choose the new alien specialization. Improve your effectiveness in the wave against the aliens. Get more yield, fly faster attacks and use more ships.

    You want more, you get more!

    In GeNeSIS4 you now get access to 7 specialization points. Get even more bonuses to match your gaming strategy!

    You like to try out a new fancy strategy? We wish you a lot of fun in GeNeSIS4 this Friday!


    Your Space Invasion Team