• Official Post

    Hello Damorians!

    Are you already on the Bitmeup Discord server?

    The giveaway bot is now enabled for Damoria as well. You can win 10 Mage Spells every day!

    Just take part in the giveaway by:

    - connect your Bitmeup and Discord account: https://bitmeup.com/#settings

    - react to the giveaway post in the #damoria-giveaway channel every day

    - and win 10 Free Spells!

    Discord servers:

    Join the BitMeUp Discord Server!
    Check out the BitMeUp community on Discord - hang out with 49 other members and enjoy free voice and text chat.

    We wish you a lot of fun in the game and while chatting/talking on the Discord!


    Your Damoria team