• Official Post

    Hello Spacepilots!

    our first Twitch Drops event was successful. Thank you to the players who actively streamed on Twitch. Were you able to collect all the drops?

    From this Friday we will continue with fun. Next weekend, from Friday up to and including Sunday, you will be able to steal gold coins from our pirates in all universes. Just send a treasure hunt mission flight to a coin planet!

    You can collect up to 200 treasure chests per day.

    From these treasure chests you get gold and other items or assistants. With the gold you can unlock even more bonuses.

    At the same time, the following features will be activated for the weekend:

    • get 3x the yield from the Interdimensional Transmitter
    • find many small rubblefields in the universe, but also some big ones!
    • In the new giveaway channel on our Discord, there are “50x energy reserves” giveaways for 5 players each on Friday and Saturday!

    We wish you a lot of fun in space!


    Your Space Invasion Team