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    The Space Invasion streamer mode

    In advance:

    SpaceInvasion is a game that is now 15 years old. Of course, it was not foreseeable at the first development that we would like to stream today.

    You should still not stream sensitive actions, activities, great strategies or large actions. With the new features, we are trying to enable you to build a community on Twitch; the goal is for you to share everyday - non-sensitive - gaming activities with others while making friends who also love SpaceInvasion.

    We do NOT want you to lose your fleets - please do not stream if you are planning escape flights, launching active (big) attacks or are unsure at all.

    We strongly recommend using streamer mode only in speed universes.

    Where do I activate streamer mode?

    In the settings you can activate the new streamer mode.

    In addition, you have 2 other options. You can determine whether coordinates should be visible or not. You can also choose whether your resource overview should be visible.

    What is the Stream Deck?

    Once you've activated Streamer Mode, you'll be able to access the new Stream Deck. This is a new site that will help you stream. Move this to a 2nd screen or an area that should not be streamed.

    The Stream Deck includes the following features:

    • Display for your current planet
    • Display for the resources on your current planet
    • Displays for both local and server clock
    • The mouse hover container.
      • Information from incognito areas in the main game is displayed here
      • Incognito features are coordinates, online status of alliance members, and other sensitive information
    • the fleet overview
      • your fleet activities are listed here. (this is the same list as on the command center, which is no longer visible there due to the stream mode)
      • you can determine the refresh interval, just like on the command center
    • the ingame message page
      • this is your ingame mailbox.
      • you can also access the normal in-game mailbox with streamer mode active. However, we recommend that you do not stream sensitive things in the window that is visible to everyone.

    What happens when I activate streamer mode?

    Some features in SpaceInvasion will change.

    • some areas are now defined as “hidden” (incognito) areas
      • this concerns, among other things: coordinates, online status, arrival or start times.
    • the coordinate entry fields on the Fleet Orders page are now * fields
    • added a warning information on the galaxy scanner page. You can also move the window to another screen before viewing the results.
    • there is also a new warning information when you try to access your ingame mailbox for the first time

    Preparation is everything - some tips and tricks:

    As a streamer, you can also ensure the security of your account with a few settings:

    If you don't stream your entire screen, but only a browser window, popups like galaxy map, galaxy scanner or messages that you want to write cannot be seen. However, if you want to stream these windows, you should first consider how you want to present these pop-ups in the stream.

    You can activate a delay in all stream programs. This means that the image will only reach the viewer (for example) 5 minutes later.

    This setting is recommended if you don't want to talk a lot in the stream, but rather actively chat in the Twitch chat. With a delay it is difficult to interact with your chat in the stream.

    It can sometimes be quite useful if you overlay stream elements like a camera image, text, or container over an area you don't want to stream.

    For example, you could leave the resource overview activated if you put an information bar over the upper part of the stream or cut off the streaming area.