• Hello Spacepilots!

    and again the year is almost over. Now we're all still enjoying the - well - maybe not so relaxing days.

    From December 1st up to and including January 2nd you can collect gifts in the universe.

    You can then exchange them up to and including January 9th.

    There are 4 different colors that you find more or less often in the universe.

    You receive gifts through:

    • Recycling - Only planets with multiple gifts as planet graphics can be recycled. You can recycle any color of gifts!
    • through the event flight “Santa flight”. Here you can collect the “gift color” that the planet has as a style.
      • every day you can do 200 Santa flights. For these first 200 flights you will receive 5 gifts of the corresponding color each time.
      • You can then continue to collect gifts with the Santa flight. But you only have a 50% chance to collect a gift of the color!
    • through attacks on the aliens (only SI Classic)
      • As soon as you attack aliens which have ship requirements, you can receive yellow gifts. Red gifts can be looted from Allianz (red) black holes!
    • receive gifts through the Gift-O-Mat
    • through the daily login
    • through the int. transmitter
    • by santa gifts
    • through our SpaceInvasion Christmas Calendar

    As soon as you have collected 100,000 gifts, you will receive a 10-fold production for 24 hours. You can collect this up to 3 times!

    The Christmas calendar

    You can open our Christmas calendar every day in December. Open the door on the right day and you will receive great gifts! If you open the door too late, there are still a few resources waiting for you.

    The Santa Gifts

    Buy again santa gifts and send them to Santa's children or to other players.

    As soon as you exchange an gift with a fellow player, you will receive more event gifts from this santa gift.

    Each santa gift contains at least 500 urplasma. In addition, you can get assistants, more urplasma, gifts (event), Int. Transmitter Free Spins and Multi Production!

    The Christmas shop

    Every day until christmas you get a great deal in the shop. Acquire all of these offers and you will also receive a supporter package - have a look, maybe there is something great for you!

    The SpaceInvasion VIP program

    Would you like even more advantages? No problem!

    We are now introducing the VIP program in all other Endless SpaceInvasion Classic universes (RETRO, Nexus and Sirius). As announced, all Urplasma bookings that have been made since the start of the GeNeSIS3 will be taken into account.

    Every urplasma spent and every energy reserve increases your rank and unlocks more and more bonuses for you.

    We will make the favorites bar available to you for the next 7 days if you do not have the VIP rank.

    We wish you a relaxed, gift-rich and peaceful Christmas season.


    Your SpaceInvasion team