• Official Post

    Hello future master!

    In this post we want to give you a few important tips which you should pay attention to at the beginning.

    1. Your team
    Your Mebulies are fighting for you. It is important to have the greatest possible diversity. You can better adapt your team to specific areas (eg volcano, fire with water).
    You should always observe the effectiveness of your attack, for example fire against plant, to avoid problems.

    2. The Masters
    In Mebula there are 9 champions. Each master uses a different type of mebulies.
    You should compete against a champion with a team with the same level. The team of the master grows with your team. So if you compete with only one Mebuly level 20 against the first champion you will probably have no success.
    So you have to move the levels of your Mebulies as evenly as possible.

    3. Elixirs
    It is always advisable to have a few life-elixiers or healing potions. Merchants in Mebula will offer you a wide selection, which will certainly help you in a critical situation.

    4. Attacks
    Your Mebulies are getting with a higher levels better attacks. You should always look if your Mebuly can learn a better attack, so you can go much easier against stronger opponents.

    5. Evolution
    Many Mebulies can evolve on certain levels to even stronger Mebulies. You should weigh out whether the evolution is worthwhile for you, because stronger Mebulies need more experience to progress on the level.

    These are just some tips and tricks. We will continue to expand the list :)

    Your Mebula Team