Int. Transmitter, Event and new "Classic Invasion"-Universe!

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    • Int. Transmitter, Event and new "Classic Invasion"-Universe!

      Hello Space Pilots,

      Today we would like to introduce to you the new functionality of the Interdimensional Transmitter for the Sirius Universe.
      Furthermore, we want to introduce you to a new short-term universe "Classic Invasion".

      The Interdimensional Transmitter in the Sirius Universe:
      As already announced, the IDT will be enabled in the Sirius Universe on August 1st. But we adjusted the activation costs for this, like we write in the introduction.
      Each 5 uses, increase the cost by 10 urplasma. The first 5 are 5 urplasma for each. The next 5 uses 15, then 5 uses for 25 and so on.
      In the modified transmitter log you can now see the costs for the corresponding activations.

      Furthermore, we've changed the “Free Spins” win in all the universes that you get 2 free spins (instead of the one at the moment), so, finally you have a real winning.

      The new "Classic Invasion" universe:
      This new short-term universe will take you back to the old SpaceInvasion times. However, we do not intend to simulate constant down-phases ;) - we would like to offer you the opportunity to enjoy SpaceInvasion without pay functions. So there will be no IDT, no assistants, no research reduction in this universe - so no urplasma at all. So prepare your strategy!

      How can you participate in this universe?
      Very easily! One week before the start, you will receive an “Universe Ticket” free of charge to any purchased Urplasma package. With this ticket you can participate in the universe. If you buy several times a package or a larger Urplasma package, you can also get several tickets. These tickets can be given to friends so you can play together! These tickets are exclusively for this universe and can not be used in a later universe.

      All details about the universe:
      • Start: 2nd August 2019 at 8 pm (CEST)
      • End: August 25th, 2019 at 23:59:59 (CEST)
      • Speed: 100x
      • Flight Speed: 150x
      • Min-flight time: 3min
      • Planets: 11
      • Astros: maximum 1 (no application required!)
      • The tutorial will be disabled
      • Account transfer: not possible

      Are there any prizes?
      As in all universes, there will be also a Hall of Fame entry in our hall of fame.
      Furthermore, the first 3 players in the overall ranking will receive 5,000 Urplasma.
      The first 3 players in the fleet ranking will receive the trader, the spy and the save assistant for 90 days for free!

      And enjoy this little Event::
      In order for the wait-time for the Classic-Invasion Universe, an int. Transmitter Event will be taking place in all universes (except the new Classic Invasion) from Friday, July 26th through August 4th, including:
      • get 3 times the yield on the int. Transmitter
      • get 5 free spins per day (instead of the one)
      • Get 10% Extra Urplasma on your Urplasma purchases in the shop

      Furthermore, we raffle 5 times "1 planet movement" to all activations of the Int. Transmitter. The more activations you perform over this period as higher your chances of getting a free extra planet move.
      The drawing is carried out solely by me (Dschibait). (through a script which randomly selects players from all data records)
      Each game account can only win once.

      We wish you lot of fun in SpaceInvasion!

      best regards
      Your SpaceInvasion Team
    • Hello Space Pilots!

      Unfortunately, when activating the Int. Transmitters in Sirius we encountered a problem. The new AZ system calculated a wrong multiplier (converting points into a virtual AZ for multiplication / increased multiplier), which was in most cases “1”.
      That's why, we've just booked free games for all players who won resource or fleet packages there yesterday/today.
      We apologize for this mistake and wish you good luck with these free spins!

      Furthermore, many questions reaching us, why "energy reserves" for the Int. Transmitter are unusable in the Sirius Universe.
      For us, of course, when we talk about "increasing the cost per spin", that “energy reserve” feature, if switched on parallel, would undermine the whole concept. That's why it wasn’t possible to buy "Energy Reserves" in the shop in Sirius Universe.

      Unfortunately, this confusion, along with a bug in the mobile display of our external store software, has led players to pre-book "Energy Reserves" in Sirius.
      If you have purchased "Energy Reserves" in Sirius Universe, we kindly ask you to contact us via the GO button so we can exchange these reserves for you into Urplasma or cancel the purchase.

      We wish you lot of fun in space!

      best regards
      Your SpaceInvasion Team
    • Hello Space Pilots!

      Here is the evaluation of the raffle among all IDT games in the IDT event period!

      The following players have just received a planet move:
      312596422 (RETRO) => Slam76
      9342038 (RETRO) => Bald_Eagle
      400001548 (SI2) => Artjoms0987_1
      276201939 (Nexus) => RASER
      330486885 (GeNeSIS²) => TuTGuT




      See this Screenshot for the raffling procedure: