Pre-Easter Update

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    • Pre-Easter Update

      Hello Space Pilots,

      Today we want to give you a present for pre-Easter with a small but very useful update for SI-Classic. At Easter, we will challenge your alliances again, promise!

      Our today's updates:
      • Fixed a problem where the speed-up system did not work with decimal numbers (eg 1.5x)
      • in Settings, you can now choose a flag to appear in front of your player name. The selected language is not affected.
      • It is now possible to share battle reports.
        • a shared battle report is visible to anyone who has the link
      • After sharing a battle report, you can also share it for our new Battle Hall of Fame
      • The deletion of the battle reports is modified as follows:
        • Battle reports shared are now saved for 25 weeks
        • Battle reports placed in our Hall of Fame up to rank 500 will be permanently saved

      We wish you a lot of fun in space!

      best regards
      Your SpaceInvasion Team