Valentine's Day and "New Universe"-Event

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    • Valentine's Day and "New Universe"-Event

      Hello Space Pilots!

      Valentine's Day is upon - but with the launch of a new endless universe we want to make a whole weekend special for you!

      First the evaluation of the new university name Voting:
      • #1 Sirius (from Maximus_G) with 23% of the votes
      • #2 Solaris (from NBACS12) with 22% of the votes
      • #3 Magellan (from Lucifer) with 20% of the votes

      We congratulate this 3 winners; have fun with your 2,000 Urplasma!

      The new name of the universe will be Sirius.

      From tomorrow 14th February 0 am (CET) you will receive until Sunday 17 February:23:59 (CET):
      • you can collect 25 pirate chests a day and exchange gold for great items
      • There are again rubblefields for you all over the universe
      • the interdimensional transmitter has a 4-fold increased yield

      These bonuses are only available for SI2, GeNeSIS, Nexus and RETRO.

      For the Sirius Universe
      we want to offer you all of our assistants for free from Friday for this weekend! Assistants already purchased this weekend will be extended by 3 days on Monday (after the event).

      In the following:
      We thank you for the intensive work of the advisor team, which already successfully mastered their first meeting last week. We are pleased to announce that with the help of this team we can introduce you to another function for the new universe:

      In the new Sirius universe, each planet system will now have a different planet amount. The following planet-amount-combinations are possible: 7, 10, 13 and 16 planets

      In the following we want to record a few points that have been asked us in the last few days:
      • Starter Packages and the Interdimensional Transmitter are disabled until August
      • attack protection up to 10,000 points will be enabled
      • GeNeSIS² players can NOT transfer to this universe
      • There will be one planet in each 10 system of our "Mission6" inactive player. This Mission6 is renamed to "Spacia".
        • In every 10th system, a Spacia account is placed that has level 10 mines
        • In every 50th system, a Spacia account is placed that has level 15 removed

      We wish you a successful start on Friday at 7 pm (CET) and lots of Loot luck from the pirate chests starting tomorrow!

      best regards
      Your SpaceInvasion Team