• Official Post

    Hello Spacepilots!

    Thanksgiving and Black Friday are just around the corner. It's time to hunt the pirates again!

    From Thursday until Sunday you can capture 250 treasure chests every day with the mission flight "Treasure Hunt" on gold coin planets! With the gold from the treasure chests you can earn great bonuses.

    Furthermore is active in the period:

    • receive the 3-fold yield at the Interdimensional Transmitter
      • the Solaris Universe does not receive an increase of the yield
    • many debris fields will appear in the universe again
    • on Black Friday the 26th a modified Alien wave starts: get for the week the possibility to use 100% of the tactical fleet strength against the Aliens (SI Classic)

    Exclusively on Black Friday:

    Get 10% discount on everything in the store! You can also purchase Secret Santa gifts for the holiday season right now to take advantage of the discount. These gifts will be available for you to activate from December 1.

    We wish you much fun in space!

    Kind Regards

    Your SpaceInvasion Team