• Hi All.

    The Hunt has begun.

    I am now retired and my fleets are scattered to the winds on Escape Flights of various lengths.

    My current resources up for grabs in the hunt are: 138 Billion Pig Iron; 120 Billion Metal; 125 Billion Kryptonite; 168 Billion Spice

    You can find some of my planets near the center of the first 2 galaxies

    The last fleet will have returned within 18 days from today.

    Smaller production planets generally have smaller fleets

    Higher production planets generally have much longer escape flight times.

    Planets have minimal if any built defences

    About an hour before this message was sent my x100 renewed, so my planets should gather a few resources for people to collect.

    Most, but not all, planets have a starting fleet of at least 1,000,000 phoenixes

    The larger planets generally have larger fleets

    It matters more for smaller players obviously, so they know what they might be raiding.

    I am about to sign out of SI2, but will check on this thread tomorrow and maybe after that in case anyone has any questions.

    Best of Luck

    I wish you all a good game and the best in life.

    Investigator Zorci

    Forever 22 ;) (my SI2 rank when I signed out)

    Edited 2 times, last by Zorci: Rip coords Also obscured some fleet data and gave a vague find-a-planet hint without coords ().

  • Hello Zorci,

    I am sorry to hear that you want to leave us. If you have any suggestions for improvement or other feedback, we would be very happy to hear from you.

    Unfortunately, your planned action is against our guidelines and therefore cannot take place.



    Team SpaceInvasion

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    Making rubble available and the destruction/loss of ships/defence units on purpose is also considered pushing.

    just be fair and delete your fleet like most of the players who know that they stop playing in a universe.

  • Hi Dschibait, thanks for chiming in.

    Apologies if I've misunderstood that.

    I'll outline what I'm trying to do and perhaps there's a way of doing that.

    When people quit this game I believe they fall into one of 2 categories

    1. Rage quit, delete all their planets except for the smallest one with no fleet

    2. Apathy. Meaning they either just don't sign in the next day or perhaps they give up mid raid and just sign out.

    As you've mentioned a number of people would burn a planet with their fleet and leave the rest to yellow out.

    The cycle I've seen though is that either someone's planets will either disappear nigh completely or they'll have their fleets mopped up and then the planets farmed by the smaller players once the x100 runs out.

    I've always though rage quitting was a shame, since it robs smaller players of a potentially valuable farm that can be a big help. And the apathy side of things while understandable is always just that bit, sad or anti-climatic I guess.

    At the very least having the planets available for farming is great for the smaller players. But I also understand how boring it can be for players higher up where there's a very limited set of players they can interact with. So having some kind of farewell such as this might give them something more interesting to do.

    Which sums up my goal here. Instead of just being a name that falls of the list, that there's something else to do. Both for smaller players to try and rig up a fleet to go for and for the larger players to try and catch.

    Just deleting the fleet seems, unfortunate and boring.

    As far as the rule regarding pushing. My understanding of that was that it related to making the allowance (likely in coordination with) a specific other player or group of players so that they were able to destroy the ships and gain the rubble. Hence the push.
    Having a player abandon the game and their fleets go rest leaves them vulnerable to everyone, and playing the game occasionally I'll find a yellow player with some fleet score and try and track down where that fleet is.

    I do understand the concern, that a leaving player might provide the exact information regarding where the fleets are or when they will be available to someone and that would reasonably be considered pushing.

    Which is why I made efforts to use different times and some of excessive length with mine. To make it a proper free for all and thereby not a push.

    Many of the fleets are timed to not return until after the 7 day inactivity limit to properly open it up.

    The initial post did have a coordinate, which I've edited out.
    It also had a vague description of a fleet, which not knowing more could look like an actual detailing of a (my) "player fleet" so I've also edited that down to much less information.

    The pushing concern would be an issue with the core of the whole deal.

    Though again, I think that this particular case could be reasonably considered to not violate that rule.

    If you clarify that this would in fact violate that rule, I'll sign back in and arrange disposal of those fleets.

    Or if there might be another way to restart things in a manner that would comply, please do also clarify.

    My concern is just that otherwise this would just be unfortunate and boring.
    And that seems like a sad way to leave things.

    Thanks again for the response though. I'll keep checking back here to catch what you decide.

  • Farewell battle reports are against the rules. Providing resources to other players who have more than 75% of your points or are in the top 100 rankings is also forbidden. We will gladly take your suggestion as feedback, but this action will remain forbidden. If you have any further feedback, please feel free to contact me.

    However, the topic is closed