• Hello Spacepilots!

    From Friday, May 12th up to and inclusive May 28th it blooms in SpaceInvasion!

    During this period you can collect flowers. Please note there will be no follow-up time for this event. So exchange your flowers until the end!

    How to get flowers:

    • 10 flowers can be collected per recycling flight to a flower bouquet planet (one flower per recycler)
    • many single flowers appear in the universes (flower hunt) - collect up to 200 per day and get 5 flowers each - then you can collect more flowers with a 50% chance.
    • also receive flowers through your daily login
    • through the flower-o-mat
    • through the Interdimensional Transmitter
    • enter our flower lottery to multiply your flowers!

    Additionally, during the event period:

    • in SI Classic, the next 2 alien waves are carried out with 100% tactical strength
    • in SI2, large rubblefields appear regularly in the galaxy
    • get 2x the yield from the Interdimensional Transmitter!
    • get 3 extra Free Spins every day for your login!

    Have fun on the flower hunt and enjoy a few sunny days!


    Your SpaceInvasion team