• what is the maximum number of soldiers you can get ?

    There is no restriction. You just have to have enough living space.

    The only restriction is the troop builder, who cannot recruit any more troops in the castle once a certain number has been reached.

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    If you have a troop master, you can see that you can recruit 4294967295 men per army unit. There are 11 units so in terms of recruiting, the maximum would be 47244640245 men in one castle. However, the amount of troops you can recruit also depends on the level of the Living quarters.

    In total you can place 12,734,244,740,991 (level 100) population in your castle. This includes the inhabitants needed for work in the sawmill, mines, etc. You can find the number of inhabitants you need per level of a building in the "help" section "buildings" at the bottom of your page. That way you can calculate how much living space you have left for your troops.

    But watch out! Sending out your army also requires inhabitants. The number of troops you can send away depends on the level of your military training grounds (maximum 23,913,727,144 level 100), free living quarters and available resources.