• Good morning all

    I have a proposal to make

    when we have 100 or 150 see 200 castles it is quite painful to transfer the precious stones, it is really very long ;( ;(

    could we not have a button with 1 or 2 gold so that the merchants of all the castles transfer the precious stones to the selected castles??? :/ :/

    we already have the 3or button for recruitment so it would be a bit the same operation

    please let me know what the damoria team thinks 8o


  • hello team damoria

    have you had time to discuss with you to set up a market that would collect all the precious stones of all the castles against 2 or 3 gold??? as we have for the recruitment on the 100 castles


  • I think the best thing to do to get a quick response is for it to be seen by as many players as possible is to make an announcement with a vote that lasts 48 or 72 hours and at the end we will know what the majority of players want because there in the forum lost, few players see it that if this is an announcement then everyone sees it :)



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    i cant even start for any of the ideas a vote..

    if you ask someone "hey do you like to get 100% more resources" or "do you like to save 10 clicks" no one would answer with "oh no, i like clicking" ... im sure that many players like this idea, but, i have to plan my time for 4 different games - and if there is no community who likes to go into a forum and support an idea, then this idea has not the same value like another where the community is running a thread and asking for it.

    just saying, i have a update planned for december; these "little" updates takes also time, what i can't spent on other things... think about it, priotising is the key.

  • I understand very well that you have little time is that it takes time is organization

    I am one of the most active players in the game but also on the forum I regularly offer lots of ideas but unfortunately I can't do anything alone

    I know that there is a new unit in creations for a long time

    there are also dragons

    there is the market with precious stones

    is much else

    I also believe that you would need more time is more financial means is I understand it