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    Hello Damorians!

    our knights are panting, the horses need a rest, the sun makes us sweat. It's about time to celebrate a big meat party again, isn't it? :)

    From Friday August 5th up to and including September 4th you can collect delicious meat.

    Earn meat:

    • by playing Damoria (hidden on our pages)
    • for attacking bandit camps (1-5 meat) (min. 100,000 units must attack)
    • Use our butcher in 20 castles, who can produce delicious meat for you
    • You can also get meat from mage spells!
    • for every residence conquered in the crusade

    Of course, a meat party wouldn't be a meat party if we didn't offer additional events!


    This time we want to start a big crusade. It starts at 8 p.m. on Friday. You can perform 25 attacks every day. At the start there is 6000% troop strength.

    You get meat for every residence you conquer!

    The Bandit Raid

    This new event ranks the haul looted from the bandits.

    Raw materials 1:1

    Diamonds 1:300000

    Rubies 1:200000

    Emeralds: 1:100000

    We reward the 25 most hard-working raiders with the following packages:

    The Gold Shop Bonus

    get 20% extra gold in the shop for the entire period!

    In addition, we are ruffling the following packages among all packages purchased during the event period.

    3x among all bookings of 1500 gold package:

    • 1 Mage Castle Upgrade
    • 3,000 gold
    • 250 Mage free spells
    • 250 buildfields for normal castles

    5x among all bookings of 3200 gold package:

    • 1 Mage Castle Upgrade
    • 7,500 gold
    • 500 Mage free spells
    • 500 buildfields for normal castles

    10x among all bookings of 5200 gold package:

    • 1 Mage Castle Upgrade
    • 10,000 gold
    • 1,000 Mage free spells
    • 1,000 buildfields for normal castles
    • 3 resource star upgrades

    * A player can be drawn multiple times within a category (or multiple categories) once he makes multiple bookings. Every booking during the event period counts.

    And one more thing:

    The team is always looking for new game operators.

    We are planning a new world this year and are looking for committed, reliable admins. If you are interested, just send a small application to Dschibait! (Please note that you should not plan to play in the new world (or world1 alternatively))

    We wish you a few meat-rich days!


    Your Damoria team

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    Hello Damorians!

    The crusade bonus and the bandit raid have been rewarded to you.

    Here is the evaluation of the gold package winners.

    Unfortunately there were only 4 buyers for the €100 (3200 gold) package - that's why there was no 5th winner.

    As always, the screenshots of the drawing by me (Dschibait) are attached.

    Winners 5200:

    531213497648681984 => Nogalas

    675753883876201472 => Playitsam

    1100000000000004209 => Brego

    542682266871142400 => %Faust%

    1100000000000004643 => White knight from heaven.

    531204855814032384 => 💀 Fonkyflow 💀

    533880687732597760 => Kingrobert57

    534088367512359936 => jojo

    531129346920941568 => Graf_Orlamünde

    531507692523619328 => King_Wall*****IINextasy

    Winners 3200:

    531133268657840128 => Maikraut

    531130133403016192 => Scafloc

    531135314224353280 => seguinloic0164

    531729353801604096 => 💀 arp 💀

    Winners 1500:

    534697571197784064 => F1R3W4LL

    1100000000000004643 => White knight from heaven.

    530747777458510848 => RASWIR