• Hi!

    I've seen in the tutorial that colonizing planets will grant us a planet between 80 and 400 fields.

    In the spawn of two days, i colonized a few planets (50+ tries) and most of the time they had between 140 & 240 fields. I had 4 good tries between 300 & 330 fields, and just one at 339 fields that i kept for now.

    My question is, is it really possible to colonize planets up to 400 fields? I remember in the real game, 10+ years ago, some planets (i'm talking about the sprite of the planet) could never reach 300+ fields, and some others would almost always drop 320~340 fields. Is it the case in this iteration of the game aswell?

    If it is indeed possible to reach up to 400 fields on ANY planet, what are the odds of getting a very wide planet, lets say 390+ fields?

    Thanks for your help,


  • cause to IDT it doesnt matter anymore wich planet you choose for colony. Much events offer freespins theire and so you can get by time Planets with 700+ fields

    anyway most bigger planets spawn on warm planets with the numbers 7-11

  • hi, an old rule from SI beginning times; I am still using it: the chance to get a big planet is bigger if you starting 5-6 colonizer ship - each in a distance of 1-2 minutes to the last sended ship. If the first colony for example has too less fields, immediately delete it and wait for the next colonizer. If again too less fields, again immediately delete and wait the next. And so on...

    Of cause later the IDT is a good chance to increase the fields on the planet. By my experience not only the warm planets have a good chance for much fields. I always settled on cold planets, my smallest field number is 398 at -63 degrees.

    Good luck with your tries ;)

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