• Dschibait, can you tell me exactly which of the rules of Damoria I didn't apply to, to get a ban?

    If you couldn't read my sarcasm in a post you deleted, OK, than that would be a reason for a forum-ban.

    There is no single rule in the manual from Damoria that I didn't apply to.

    The reason for ban, is a date..... strange reason don't you think?

    Edit: If the (deleted) post on this forum is your reason, please restore this post, so everyone can see what a terrible person I am.

    • Official Post

    i dont discuss this on the forum .... but, this isn't sarcasm - its just a blame on my decisions for the attack protection rules right now.

    i think its really unfair to blame me for this kind of stuff ... i try to potect peoples accounts which cant play because of this war situations.

    There is no way that i can verify if you are ukraine, a helper from the border or just a player who profits from this attack protection.

    for me, this kind of post is just trolling and respectless to me - an admin - and finally, i hope that anyone else, and also your alliance, are judge you for this kind of "joke" ...