• Looking at people who have opted for the different options, I get the impression that extending the attack protection and a possible relaxation of the capitulation system is motivated less by the problems in real life and more by problems in the game.

    I am in favor of players, who can give even a small amount of support to this terrible real life situation, should be able to do so without this affecting their game.

    But seizing the events in real life to gain advantage or avoid disadvantage in the game....

    I already reported it in another topic, this is a game. We are sporting opponents, not enemies. If a player is confronted with special challenges in real life, they can always make it known. I don't think a player whose alliance profile states that he is busy with refugee work will be attacked.

    As the past of Damoria has shown, special features will be abused by taking advantage in an improper way.

    And that is why I choose not to vote for special provisions in this game and I hope that whoever is going to vote/voted ,at least make/made an effort not to include their own situation in the game when making their mind up.

  • Is the situation in the world more serious with the crisis in Ukraine? No doubt. In all. And once again the innocent suffer, wherever they are, far or near - it's hard to move to another world...

    But, once again, I say the relationship between Damoria and real life hasn't changed. Those affected have changed, perhaps increased. But people with "real life" problems that were reflected in Damoria always existed. They had problems, some remained, others abandoned...

    I think it's a very positive step, the community surveys. Even more an open inquiry. The person-faction/vote relationship can be clearly seen in many cases.The voting that is observed seems normal to me. Everyone, including the administration, draws conclusions. The "smart boys" sooner or later are revealed. Democracy, clear communication and transparency are cute...

    I agree with Juflo. The hypothesis of creating uni- or multi-personal - temporary - alliances of "peace and armistice" to be respected, is great and I think (hopefully) that everyone will respect it and not abuse it. For this situation and for any other - we all have problems at some point.

    Respect between the players of Damoria.

    Glory Damoria!

    (© 2012 - Once upon a time...)

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    Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

  • I also think that the protection against attacks should stop as quickly as possible because if Damoria is based on the war in Ukraine to put a truce then with the war in Africa the truce would be all our lives, this is not normal, I I play a lot of war games and I know a lot of people who play war games. made for advantage of the players !!

    my wife has had covid since Sunday is me since yesterday is my daughter is sick is yet I ask that the war resume as soon as possible