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    Hello, on Solaris I changed my specialization yesterday to 3x mainer and 1xfletter but I got 4xmainer. I left one raid colony and I'm afraid that if I remove it, I won't put the next one. can someone change my specialization as it should be? I wrote to the operator in the game but no one wrote back to me and even the message was deleted in the sent folder; /
  • something else about it: the enemy have The Researcher Tier 3.protection :15 mil of anything

    These where the spy:


    And this is the the result of the attack: 436203 Ruwijzer, 448635 Metaal, 342075 Kryptoniet, 78992 Spice

    Or someone else most attack him {spied and nothing changed 20 sec before}or maybe the 15 milj protection is maybe 17 mil.????

    i was hoping off 1 milj off each because that should it be.