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    The VIP program

    The new VIP program (GeNeSIS3) is for unlocking special rewards for you for spending of Urplasma. There are currently 12 VIP levels available. Each of these levels requires a certain amount of Urplasma that you must have spent in the specific universe.
    It does not matter whether the urplasma was researched, bought or obtained through competitions.

    How do the improvements at each level behave?
    Please note that some rewards are improvements from the previous VIP level. For example, you get an improved VIP production at different VIP levels. This improves with the levels, but is not added.
    For example, at VIP level 1 you get 1% increased VIP production. At VIP level 2 this production is increased to 2%; But you don't get 3%, only the increasing to 2%.

    How about the IDT free spins, the favorites bar and the 7 day assistants?
    You will receive these bonuses once, booked directly on your universe account when you activate the VIP level. This will only be booked to you in the universe where you received the level.
    The same applies to the favorites bar. This is only activated for the universe in which you have activated the necessary level.

    Will this data be transferred to another universe?
    During a transfer, only data are transferred that is actually required in the target universe. If we activate the VIP program in the Nexus / RETRO, the VIP levels (the progress) will also be transferred to this universe from the GeNeSIS3.

    What if this feature is to be become available in the RETRO or Nexus; will I then be credited with the urplasma that has already been spent?
    If this feature is also activated in the RETRO / Nexus, we are planning to process Urplasma since GeNeSIS3 started.
    However, it is not planned to process every banking since the account was opened.

    What if you add new rewards or new levels?
    If the current levels receive new rewards, you will of course receive them activated or booked.
    If new levels are added, your progress will of course also be counted towards them. Even after reaching the VIP12 level, issued urplasma is still counted, so that new levels would be available to you immediately.