• Hi.

    I have played this game before, maybe 5 years ago. Now I thought, why not try it again, cause it was fun back then. To my surprise, I got a big castle right away which was real nice and now I have quite large army and don't have to worry about resources or anything.

    The problem is, I can't attack anyone. It either says that the enemy has an attack protection, or his army power is out of my range? What is this? Doesn't matter who I try to attack, I have bigger army power than some of the guys. And also the grey castles have also attack protection?

    So how can I attack people cause this game is about war, not just farming some cash and a big army.

    Ty in advance

  • has any solution come to this? i have the same problem, found a nice big castle that is inactive, but i cant take it as i have protection, and i cant find the option where to turn that off either.

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    Hello Apatos,

    welcome to the game. The 14 days start protection is still working. But there are other changes: The grey castles no longer will disapear from the map. Most bigger players are not interrested in the smaller castles, as they have to pay for deeds of conquest ( the price goes up with every castle you own and every deed you have in stock).
    But You would like to attack a nice big castle. Normaly a new player doesn't have the senates/ senators of a high enough level to take a bigger castle. If you managed to build it in the less than 14 days the team maybe needs to talk about to disable the attackprotection for grey castles again. I was not in the team in april 2019 so i do not know why it has not changed.

  • hello, in the mail i have from the game it says 7 days, is it 14 or 7?

    also, my senate is currently 23, but i can easily work that up to 30 +-. and ive found a nice castle which has 8 million points, and is grey. so yeah, iff its 14 days i need to wait another 9 days instead of 2

  • Guten Tag, ich habe auch dsa Problem, ich habe letzte Woche nach Jahren wieder neu Angefangen, mein 3 Schlösser die ich selber gebaut habe ohne war zu Erobern ergeben insgesamt über 400.000.000 und mein Punkte Senat ist auf Stufe 50 wovon ich schon, ich kann nichts leider angreifen, keine grauen schlösser, keine anderen Schlösser in meiner , nichts, nur diese Diebe Basen auf der karte... das wird leider etwas Langweilig auf dauer...^^

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    erstmal ist es extremst unübersichtlich wenn du dir einen englischen Thread raussuchst und in diesem auf deutsch schreibst.

    als nächstes, ohne UserID und Welt kann dir kein Teamler helfen.

    Ansonsten, es gibt seit einiger Zeit Militärpunkte (und Ranking); du darfst nur Leute angreifen die in deiner Militärreichweite sind.