• Official Post

    Greetings SpacePilots,

    The lottery has returned to SpaceInvasion!
    Please read the following rules very carefully:

    Who can participate?
    Anyone in the INT and RETRO universe can enter the lottery. Players from the DE universe need to post in the DE forum section.

    What do I need to post to enter?

    • The universe you play
    • Your user ID
    • Your winning number (4 numbers between 0000 and 9999)

    How does the drawing work?
    The winning numbers are the last 4 digits of the German Spiel 77 lottodrawing from each saturday.

    These numbers are not picked by the team so teammembers are also allowed to play.

    When can I enter my number?
    Once the thread of the new drawing is opened you can post your number. You can edit your number till the drawing on saturday 16:00 German Time. If you edit your post after this time your number will be invalid and you will be disqualified form the drawing.

    Who will win?
    The winner is whoever has guessed the exact correct 4-digit number.
    If none of the participants guessed the exact number, the player whoes number lies closest to the winning number will win the second prize.

    Example of a post:
    The last 4 numbers of the lotto are 2155

    Player A guessed 2100
    Player B guessed 2200

    Thus, player B wins.

    What can you win?

    INT universe:
    Main prize = 250 Urplasma
    Second prize = 25 Urplasma

    Good luck on the lotto and we hope you will enjoy this.

    The SpaceInvasion Team