recruitment 100 castles

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    • recruitment 100 castles



      I own 101 castles and we have the right to recruit out of 100 castles I would like to know how to choose the castles that I want in recruitment because I would like to change the castles that I have in excess with another better performing castles

    • New

      You need to stop the recruitment in the castle where you do not want to recruit anymore for the next 24 hours.
      When the 24h counter is zero for this castle you can start in the new castle.

      The problem is the 3 gild button.
      When you hit that Button it will refresh the counter also for the castle where you do not want to recruit in the next 24 hours.

      I had the same issue but I just demolished the castle in excess... Then I waited 24 hours
      ID 255 in World 1 Damoria
      ID 171 in World 2 Damoria

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