Syfilis (LDV) vs Zolika1970

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    • Syfilis (LDV) vs Zolika1970

      All due respect to Lord Darth Vader's alliance, because despite being the biggest alliance on the nexus server, they are full of cowards, amateurs who, despite having 741,671,401 points, heal their sick egos with such battles:

      Attacker Syphilis .. [xx: xxx: xx]
      Weapons: 180% Shield: 170% Defense: 170%
      Battleship 555

      Defender Zolika1970 [xx: xxx: xx]
      Weapons: 150% Shield: 150% Defense: 150%
      Phoenix 222
      Solar cells 90
      Recycler 50

      The attacker won the battle!
      He won 0 pieces of pig iron, 0 pieces of metal, 0 kryptonite crystals, 0 units of spice
      The attacker lost a total of 0 units.
      The defender lost a total of 12,148,000 units.
      There are now 2,936,000 metal and 1,883,200 kryptonite at these space coordinates
      The chance of an asteroid forming is 3%

      Syphilis if you can only do so much, and you are forced into such battles, I will be very sorry for you and your whole alliance! And use the collected raw material with health. There will not be enough for anything on your level just to be ashamed of yourself!