new guards season

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    • new guards season

      Hello Damorians!

      Your guards are waiting for bloody missions, to protect castles or to accompany caravans.
      The new season of “Your Guards” starts on Friday, July 16th.

      Here are a few things that have changed:
      • your knights receive fewer thalers from the missions
      • your knights get more experience from the missions
      • we have not yet adjusted the auction system; we would like to observe the start time, along with the thaler changes. There will now be more players participating this season. You can now see what this feature can give for bonuses. therefore we believe that the market will be more balanced.

      Please note the following:
      • your guard knights have been deleted
      • all items have been deleted
      • all auctions have been deleted
      • your thalers have been reset to 0
      • your inventory spaces have been reset
      • your fame was left. You can still trade in the fame you got.
      • Players who make the transfer after the start of the new season will only receive the fame transferred. (Option1)

      Have fun and good luck!

      Your Damoria team