sweating pirates

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    • sweating pirates

      Hello Space Pilots!

      the Pirates are sweating, the Pilots are sweating, what could be better than hunting for treasure?! From Friday, July 16 through Sunday, July 25, you can collect 200 treasure chests every day!
      Look for the coin planets in the universe and send off a “treasure hunt” flight. Then you can loot great bonuses, resources and gold from the treasure chest!
      You can exchange gold for upgrades, multi-productions and transmitter spins.

      The following event bonuses are also activated:
      • each player receives instantiated (own) rubblefields around his planets (SI2 gets normal rubblefields in the unvierse)
      • large rubblefields appear in the universe
      • the yield from the Int. Transmitter is increased 3 times

      We wish you a lot of fun hunting for treasures!

      SI2 change:
      • the suspension of Bash protection in the event of war has been changed. The bash protection is only suspended for players who have at least 50% of their own total points

      best regards
      Your SpaceInvasion team