GeNeSIS Space transfer

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    • GeNeSIS Space transfer

      Statement: "Alternatively, you have the option of transferring 20% of the account value in Spice to one of the target universes. You can then have this Spice paid out to you daily via the Transfer Spice account. Please note there will be a maximum Spice Value for this transfer option of 100,000,000,000 Spice (100 Billion)."
      Is this means that I should have 500 billion items in space ranking?
    • Hello,

      i didnt understand your question; where is this statement coming from?
      What exactly is your querstion?

      In that statement it means da 100Billion is the maximum not 500 like you ask.
      What is a "Space Ranking"?

      There is just one Spice Transfer in the past months, there you can just transfer just 10billion.
      Your Statement seems to come from an old Dark Gate universe.

      so, ask question in full sentense and stop your (seems like) sarcasm.

    • Sorry, no sarcasm. This is a translation from my native language to English using an automatic translator. The phrase about the transfer is copied from the post for September 28, 2020 of the description of the universe. Space ranking is a selection in from total/building/ships/... view the ranking of players. I just want to know that I need to collect points or collect space in the store to transfer to another universe in an existing account. From the answer of Shiek28, I realized that it is necessary to score points.