Research development

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  • Research development

    Have a nice Sunday.

    I wanted to bring research development to your attention.

    In my opinion i could speed up the times or better still give the possibility to put into production two or three at a time.

    Leaving aside the super computer which in my opinion is not at all convenient in terms of benefits and costs, I think that a new building that allows you to develop more searches at the same time would not be a bad idea.

    What do you think?
  • maybe for reasearches < XX days.
    The super computer is for players who want to choose the "researcher" way and spent a big amount of time and progress into this.

    your idea (with no requirements, just build a building) doubles or more the research progress. We got many ideas about "let me do 2 or more researches at the same time" but this breaks down the whole balancing in spaceinvasion.
  • It could be put in to one of those short speed universe that are just for fun to see what the actual effect on the game would be or as a little extra just for fun.

    Just have it like up to 3 Labs can do research individually by them self but each following reseach after the first has additional cost like 50% more then the cost of the research itself.
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