Mage update

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    • Mage update

      Hello Damorians,

      and another update for you today!
      We have received feedback from you that it is not “funny” if you win an additional slot with our mage for a few hours and then use it effectively.
      As soon as you have setted the troop builder, the extra slot is gone!

      Today we added that there is a time account for the following winnings. You can see this when you click on the new “Rewards” tab in the Mage menu.
      • 100% increased trader carrying capacity
      • 1 or 5 extra slots
      • 25% and 50% increased troop building queues
      • Premium time

      Should you now gain time for one of these features, this will be credited to your time account. You can then activate the time you have saved in the rewards tab at any time.

      We wish you a lot of fun in Damoria!

      Your Damoria team