Rules about asteroid shoot ?

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    • Rules about asteroid shoot ?

      I have done 3 attacks on my friend planet for an asteroid shoot .i didnt recycled on his planet the rubbles.but i have lost some ships on the attacks for asteroid shoot .my friend send the resources that i have lost from my ships .is this allowed ?which is the way that we should go for ?should i sent the resources back?(he has 90 millionnpoint and i have 60million points)both in first rank 100.

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    • Resource transfer is fine if the player that is helping you get the astro lost ships in his atk and you pay him back the amout of resources that he has lost. This also applys to player in top100. The goal is to avoid any sort of profit for any player involved when they are top 100.

      Usualy any sort of lose and payback has to be documented and reported to GOs.
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