Fusion test and planning, World2 gray castles

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    • Fusion test and planning, World2 gray castles

      Hello Damorians,

      First of all, we want to inform you about a change. From now on it is possible to take over gray castles on World2. A week ago we disabled the complete takeover of castles.

      We have had a lot of tasks to solve over the past few weeks. The changes to the troop recruitment limit and the determination of script users are just two tasks that, besides bugs and other problems, cost a lot of time.
      We are currently around 70% finished with the merge scripts. Some things still need to be changed and added for the partial transfer. There were also some problems with castles, which would have caused big bugs during the transfer process.

      We have therefore decided to postpone the test phase on June 18th. We will still let this test world run for 2 weeks, as only the transfer is of interest to us.

      We plan to merge on July 3rd.
      But you will have enough time afterwards if you cannot be online on July 3rd (vacation or something similar).

      We have still not carried out a full test run for the Fusion. But we are very optimistic that we can keep these times.
      We apologize for the re-planning.

      We wish you a lot of fun in Damoria - stay healthy!

      Your Damoria team