Detection: Bot- and Script-Users

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    • Detection: Bot- and Script-Users

      Hello Damorians!

      We have a very serious subject to talk about with you today.

      In addition to the changes to limit the number of recruit troops, we also added that we can better recognize bots and automatisms.
      Damoria had few (very few) functions built in (from Bigpoint) that should prevent or detect this. I've brought that up to date with the latest updates.
      We are of course very busy, but we have received information from various sources that bots and automatisms have made up a large part of the problem of “troop production”. That's why we decided to invest time here.

      With the detection of bots or automatic scripts there is not a function or formula that you build in and then you have all the players.
      Here you have to collect data that clearly proves that a script was used, or that can prove that there is at least a suspected case.
      We cannot explain more information about the methods at this point.

      But it is important to us that these players who have been convicted (not a suspected case!) Also punish harshly. We decided to exclude these players from the game. This affects 6 players. The team thought for a long time whether we should cut the players' troops or whether an infinite ban should really be appropriate.

      We think that if the suspended players cooperate with the team, a different punishment can be discussed.
      We will do our best to decide whether or not the situation can be resolved fairly for all.

      We are very astonished that we were able to identify high-ranking players ourselves in such a short time. The detection is not yet fully developed. Nevertheless, we have already been able to clearly identify players. We hope to have made Damoria a little fairer with it.

      Finally one more comment from me
      Some players saw Urotsukidoji and me “arguing”. The player was initially banned from the forum because of repeated insults and insinuations. Due to our first knowledge of the bot usage, we reopened his account for a short time. This player fell into our “trap” and also used an automated tool to fill the castles.
      I am shocked by how aggressively some of the banned players have participated in our Troop Recruitment Limits thread.

      A very sad day for Damoria, but a very fair one.

      We wish all players a nice Pentecost weekend.

      Your Damoria team