Adjustments and Bugfixes

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    • Adjustments and Bugfixes

      Hello Damorians,

      Today we want to make some changes again to make the game a little more pleasant and to make the transition period easier for you.

      • We have now set the limitation of the Baldur and normal castles to -100 +30. That means you can freely distribute the 130 castles
        • this change will be made available to you for the period up to and including June 6, 2021
        • We had a lot of conversations in which we were told again very clearly that exchanging the Baldurs would not be possible so quickly. We also want to give the players who play with many Baldurs the opportunity to have a reasonable period of time to swap them
      • We changed the 3-gold troop recruitment button. The 100 castles are now found out a little differently, which should be filled.
        • castles are preferred that are already on the recruiting list.
        • Now the castles are no longer determined on the basis of the points but on the sum of the buildings “barracks”, “stable” and “catapult construction”. That means the levels of the 3 buildings (as a sum) represent the order.
      • some small problems with the troop master have been fixed.
        • Please note: if you should assign a new castle to the troop master, which was not previously in your recruitment list, make sure that there are still free slots in the recruitment list. The troop master checks whether a recruitment can be carried out, if this is not the case, he does his work only when a slot has become free in the recruitment list
      • Please also note: all entries in the recruitment list belong to your account. Should you demolish a castle or should a castle be taken from you, the entry will remain in the recruitment list until the countdown runs out.

      We wish you a lot of fun in Damoria!

      best regards
      Your Damoria team